Key Characteristics

From Raw Data to Actionable Intelligence...

Our solution’s technological core is based on a rich configurable ontological data model, designed to solve complex real-world challenges, uncover hidden patterns, and derive actionable intelligence from oceans of data.


Main Modules

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Euler Intelligence Management Portal (IMP)

Euler IMP is our comprehensive portal for secure access, reports, documents and cases management, while facilitating collaboration and streamlining internal processes. It features a no-code Big Data Exploration, for advanced queries and searches in the data lake.

Euler Analyst (EA)

EA is the main data analyst workbench, offering limitless multi-dimensional case analysis. It integrates geospatial, timeline, and graph analysis to reveal hidden patterns, weak signals from oceans of data.

Euler Data Scientist (EDS)

EDS provides a tailored workbench for data scientists to prepare datasets, execute pre-defined or custom-built graph algorithms with ease, and employ Graph Machine Learning for solving complex real-world challenges.

Euler Semantic Analyst (ESA)

ESA provides robust insights into unstructured data through automatic text extraction, language detection, and named entity recognition. With the combination of AI tools, ESA generates matching suggestions, facilitating correlations within the data lake.

Euler Business Intelligence (EBI) 

EBI provides managers of the organization with configurable dashboards, dynamic reports and statistics on any topic or entity of the data lake to assist them in their decision making process.

Euler Admin (ADM)

Euler ADM empowers platform administrators with comprehensive control over the configuration, security, and user management, including the organization structure, roles, security clearance, data classification, and audit logs…

Euler Graphene (EG)

EG is the core ontology-driven and business agnostic graph database of our solutions, where all the data stored in the data lake are efficiently indexed as per the ontological data model specific to the organization.

Euler Ingesta (EI)

EI is a no-code data ingestion process management platform. Administrators can graphically build advanced ingestion processes, while users can execute predefined ones with ease. Batch or stream ingestion options cater to diverse scenarios for seamless data management.

Built on this technology, our products are designed to address data management & analytical challenges across various industries…