INTEGRA is our Central Intelligence Fusion & Investigation Platform combining operations, management, and big data analytics. INTEGRA enables organizations to ingest, process, correlate, investigate and analyze massive amounts of data from heterogenous sources such as COMINT, OSINT, HUMINT, FININT, SIGINT, IMINT, Forensics and more…

INTEGRA assists organizations in their intelligence cycle and operations management, by automating their internal processes, enhancing the collaboration and information sharing on a need-to-know basis, while preserving confidentiality and security.

INTEGRA is based on a unique rich Intelligence ontological data model allowing unlimited fusion of any internal and external sources of information within a single data lake offering a multidimensional understanding of any entity.

The dynamic configurability of the Intelligence data model, processes, organization and security models enables INTEGRA adaptability to the specificities of each institution, and its continuous reconfiguration needed to accompany the long-term evolution of the organization.

Main Functionalities

  • Intelligence & Operations Management
  • Investigation Case Management
  • Collaboration & Tasks Management 
  • Notifications & Alerts Portal
  • Requests Management
  • Reports and Documents Management
  • Big Data Exploration and advanced Search
  • Powerful Multi-Dimensional Analysis
  • Unstructured Data Analysis & Correlation 
  • Graph Algorithms & Data Science Workbench
  • Dynamic Dashboards & Statistics
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  • INTEGRA for Law Enforcement Agencies
  • INTEGRA for National Intelligence Agencies