EVIDIA is our Cybersecurity Forensics Investigation Platform enabling Cyber Security Operations Centers (SOC), CERTs, CSIRTs and Digital Forensics Labs to ingest, process, correlate, and analyze massive and heterogenous data sources.

By processing data and evidences collected across sites and cases and correlating them with external sources such as CTI feeds, honeypots, probes or darkweb leaks, it supports Cyber First Responders and Forensics investigators in their post-mortem investigations, and analysts in their cyber-attacks prediction based on weak signals.

EVIDIA will automatically correlate identifiers collected from various evidences across cases to automatically generate critical alerts.

Its rich data model  allows cross domain investigations and is fully compatible with the OASIS format of Cyber Threat Intelligence defined by MITRE  organization.

Main Functionalities

  • Logs, Cyber Incidents and Alerts management
  • Forensics Case Management
  • Evidence Management
  • Forensics reports management
  • Integrated Business Process Management
  • Forensics Statistics & Management Dashboard
  • Multi-Dimensional Analytics
  • Full evidence Tracking and Chain of Custody Management
  • Ingestion capacity of any third-party forensics tool extracted data
  • Ingestion capacity of any logs and any cyber data feeds


  • EVIDIA for Cybersecurity Teams
  • EVIDIA for Digital Forensics Laboratory